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16th January 2012Quote: “Watching you handle a gun makes me

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official canada goose outlet A real bat, a stuffed bat in a little glass box. They are canada goose outlet nyc some ugly things.” Morgan Freeman was handed an unusual gift from director Christopher Nolan after wrapping The Dark Knight Rises.27th February 2012Fact: Brad Pitt, Dame Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise canada goose outlet boston and Barbra Streisand were among the stars who taped their recollections of their first movie experiences for a segment of the Oscars telecast on Sunday (26Feb12).16th January 2012Quote: “Watching you handle a gun makes me know I never want to ps you off.” Cecil B. DeMille Award recipient Morgan Freeman admits he’s mildly terrified by his Red co star Helen Mirren, who presented the honour to him.27th October 2011Quote: “I love it when fans come up and talk canada goose outlet michigan to me official canada goose outlet.


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