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So now, Julian Bond and Barack Obama are racists

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cheap canada goose uk Especially because it a mid/long tail. The BFD has a BB drop of 55mm. I thinking that should give enough clearance for the motor. The real issue for many opponents today is that we now have a president that they believe is guilty of governing while black.” “Eckert” thinks that this comment is “akin to burning a akin to burning a cross on the White House lawn.” Right, cross burnings by the KKK are the same as canada goose outlet uk a black veteran of the Civil Rights Movement saying that racism is a part of the resistance to Obama. So now, Julian Bond and Barack Obama are racists. All I can say to this movie character who is soooo offended by any reference to the racism that is still prevalent in this country (See Fox Nation) is “On what planet do you spend most of your time?”. cheap canada goose uk

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