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Rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran is a matter of grave

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cheap moncler outlet Doocy then told her that “they’ve been doing if before 9 11, doing it for a long time” while the chyron read “Religious signs banned, 20 year tradition ends.” Gretchen read the “do unto you” banner and said “a lot of people could use that message.” Rather than asking about the details of the situation, Carlson asked about the reaction from the community and (surprise, surprise) “the community is appalled.” Courtney then said that “the majority is Christian” and it’s just not fair that we can’t spread God’s word. It’s such our football team running through bible verses, it doesn’t hurt anything.” (I guess the constitutional separation of church and state isn’t taught in GA schools). Doocy said “right” and that he “understood that there was a big rally, last night, in your neck of the woods.” (Hmmm, white robes, burning crosses.??) “to support you guys and the inspirational messages.” cheap moncler outlet.


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