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It gaining traction now that the LVMPD reopened the case

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canada goose deals I get a reaction like Flake that is embarrassed beyond belief, knows there is nothing he can say to make this better, just listens and keeps his head down. I get that and that a human reaction to me of someone who canada goose outlet toronto factory is conflicted and confronted canada goose outlet in montreal by someone that been through an incredibly difficult situation regardless of political allegiance. canada goose deals

canada goose But “I know this is enjoyable to y Really? How can someone be this disconnected and out of whack and be in canada goose jacket uk a public office? I know it Tenesse and it pretty much as conservative as can be, but still! canada goose

Except Markov won the continental cup and Bergevin team finished 27th with the worst defense the habs have seen in decades. So I not sure you can really say it not on Berge. You really don think Toronto sold their contract to Tavares? Or Vegas to Pacioretty? A manager has to get the players he needs. If he needs to do some convincing to get there, of course it on him! They do it all the time too with FA from elsewhere.

canada goose clearance sale And it doesn have to be adversarial. It can be working together for a common goal, aka Gettin Markov back. Markov said it canada goose outlet wasn the offer or money that canada goose outlet online made him refuse, but the lack of communication. He received 2 offers before the end of the season and there was no discussion. Then when a decent offer came. He had made up his mind. Why is it so impossible for Berge to have a proper discussion with him at some point on a day off and hammer out canada goose outlet winnipeg address the details? We talking about a 16 season habs and the Habs GM. Doesn have to be so cut and dry. Like I said I think Berge was taken out of his comfort zone when there were no agents and didn react the best way. It fine its understandable to some extent. And Marky does have some blame for not getting an agent. But this explanation doesn reconcile with what Markov said and it seems canada goose outlet ontario Bergevin missed the point or reason Markov didn sign. canada goose clearance sale

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There is no proof this is a document he actually typed. It was not a legal confession, I still canada goose outlet los angeles can understand how this is getting so much attention when there is no actual proof of the assault, yet there is proof this woman took a third million dollars and spent it all and now is asking for more money. There is no way this “investigation” will lead to anything, but she probably go in a couple shows and make a bit more money. Only canada goose outlet online reviews they know what actually happened, but when u make the decision to take the money, you kind of fucked over your credibility and ability to go through the legal system.

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Well, either canada goose outlet woodbury they are too arrogant and think they have nothing to worry about or they know the questionnaire is not even legit or they know they can sue her for breach of contract and scare her from testifying. Who knows? All we know is there is obscene amount of money here and that unfortunately going to matter a lot.

Canada Goose online Most sexual assault victims are not rational, noone is ever 100% rational, not everyone reports right away, not everyone can even verbalize what happened to them, but blackmailing and cutting deals with abusers REPEATEDLY is just not an option. This movement is strong, women are being empowered, but this woman story is just not believable and I sure that they would break her apart in court. The money is just not worth it, Idk how canada goose outlet in chicago she thinks quiting her job and trying to get more settlement money is the canada goose outlet in new york way to go. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose sale If even the story is partially right, I hope this could be proved, but 9 years later after spending he money is not gonna play well for her. Canada Goose sale

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think they have nothing canada goose outlet us to worry about or they know the questionnaire is not even legit or they canada goose outlet legit know they can sue her for breach of contract and scare her from testifying. Who knows?

None of these make sense. This story is in the news. It gaining traction now that the LVMPD reopened the case. Forget courts, their main focus would be to defend themselves in the court of public opinion before it affects their client marketability and profitability. The fact no one is denying this report is telling in my opinion. Plus I not sure what you think isn believable. The only real question is whether or not this questionnaire is legit. But with the reputation Der Spiegel has, it would be surprising they didn corroborate to a satisfying degree before posting. Especially since they would easily lose a lawsuit if this document canada goose shop uk turns out to be a fake and they didn do their canada goose outlet london uk due diligence and lose a ton of money.

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canada goose coats Il y a des systmes qui font un juste milieu. Je ne connais pas le nom en franais mais un systme avec ranked ballot en gardant les comts pourrait marcher trs bien. Un peu plus complexe mais on est canada goose factory outlet vancouver pas si con que a ne marcherait pas. Ou le modle proportionnel mixte qui combine reprsentation local et vote populaire et qui est dj utiliser dans plusieurs pays. canada goose coats

canadian goose jacket Le problme avec tous ces systmes, ou l dpend a qui on demande, est qu gouvernement majoritaire n presque jamais. Donc des coalitions doivent tre former ou les partis doivent mettre de l dans leur vin et s du canada goose outlet mississauga support d autre parti pour passer des lois. a marche trs bien dans certains pays comme l mais a demanderait un ajustement de mentalit des partis politiques actuels. 1 point submitted 1 day ago canadian goose jacket

canada goose coats on sale United didnt have a hard time replacing players when they were winning everything and always in the CL. These days ManU have to battle to even make the top 4 and havent won a significant trophy in a long time. Man City seems more appealing to top talent and so ManU cant afford to sell their good players like they used to. That also why Ferguson could do that: he was winning so he had more leeway and more leverage. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose clearance Also players changed. And that is true in every sports. Players need to be coddled (not in a negative way) a lot more and managers have to adapt to players a lot more then they used to. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Jackets Really? Despite the fact that he was never suspended or fined for dirty plays (fined for diving a few years back) compared to Marchand 5 suspensions and 4 fines? Canada Goose Jackets

cheap Canada Goose Yeah the NHL tries to market to new demographics. But saying PK is famous “because he is black” is just plain stupid and ignorant. He is a Norris winner and 3 times nominee, regular All Star and top 10 in points in defensemen. No one talks of Smith Pelley, Joel Ward or Malcom Subban. PK is popular because he is good and charismatic. He is liked (and disliked) by back, white, asian, latino, wtv else people alike. If you see more to it, that on you. 1 point submitted 1 day http://www.canadagoosecanadaoutlet.com ago cheap Canada Goose

Yeah of course they pissed. But Nike makes 5B in profit every canada goose outlet in uk year. So that 1B over a lifetime won bankrupt them. And I doubt Nike has enough pull to convince every single news outlet in Europe and North America (not sure about other countries, those are the only two continents I see the news) to not show this story, but it ok to show a side story where Ronaldo threatens to sue over the allegations of rape. They aren that connected and it makes no sense to then have the side story still mentioning rape.


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