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cheap nike shoes Gavin Newsom (D), who is running to succeed Brown, split with the governor on the issue, saying he would consider approving a pilot site if elected.”I’m very open to that. I’d like to learn more about why the governor vetoed it in terms of making what I believe is a legal authentic jordan shoes for sale cheap argument so I’d like to research that,” Newsom said during a campaign event, the San Francisco Chronicle cheap new jordans reported. “I’m not wedded to the language of the existing bill, but I am certainly very, very open to cheap jordan retro 9 a pilot.”Wiener, who said he believes Newsom will win the gubernatorial race, said that endorsement was a big win for the effort.”Having our likely next governor come out in support, that’s a big deal and it helps create the political momentum we need,” he said.But even if a revived effort would have legs under another governor, advocates still face barriers at the federal level.In his statement, Brown cited the Trump administration’s vehement opposition to supervised injection sites, cheap jordans big sizes noting it has “already threatened prosecution and it would be irresponsible to expose local officials and health care professionals to potential federal criminal charges.”In an August New York Times op ed, Deputy Attorney General Rod J. cheap nike shoes

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